Friday, 9 January 2009

Holiday mode

Gee, where did last week go? I think I'm in full holiday mode and the days are just flying by. I know I've been reading alot over the last week or so - that will have to be my excuse! Plus the weather has been very hot here - too hot to do anything productive it seems!

My daughter also received a new kitten last week that we have spent a lot of time with. Very friendly and cuddly, he has been keeping us very entertained - named 'Slider' as that's what he does - he runs and then slides along the floor :)

The last day or so I have been working on typing up information on gemstones - facts, lore and legends, for my website. It's surprising how much your brain can recall when it has to (and slightly depressing how much it forgets at times)! Some people are amazed when I start sprouting facts about gemstones or at my ability to identify gems. I quite like the quote I found on Donna-Marie Coggins site : “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” Albert Einstein (1879-1955, Physicist). It is a pretty accurate statement for me - a lot of learning and re-reading and practicing giving a good knowledge base.

The picture above isn't of a new piece, but it's a perfect example to me of the wonder of stones - in this piece of jasper you can see its origins - a piece of the past for us to treasure now.
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