Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Jewellery from the 2017 Golden Globes - diamonds and more diamonds!

The 2017 Awards season kicked off with glittering diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds...  such as the stylish Drew Barrymore (above) who wore more than $2.5 million worth of Harry Winston diamonds on her ears and fingers! 

 Fortunately a few brave souls chose some colour and stood out for their choice.

There were more necklaces on view, almost exclusively diamonds.  Earrings were in the main a drop style, although a few studs were apparent.   Once again, those who chose something in between stood out for being a bit different from everyone else.    Bracelets were around although not as many as previous years.  Rings were there but only played a centre stage role for a few stars.  

So lets see who wore what!

Although they are diamonds, the fact that they are set in yellow gold made Reese Witherspoon's Tiffany necklace one of the most striking on the night.

Other necklaces included Jessica Chastain with her Piaget diamonds,

Priyanka Chopra in a huge 40carat diamond pendant necklace by Lorraine Schwarz,

Emma Stone in Tiffany diamonds

Nicole Kidman wore a  19th century double strand old mine diamond necklace totalling 48 carats, supplied by Fred Leighton.

Thandie Newton wore Harry Winston including earrings from 1962 and a long strand of diamonds worn as a back necklace

Gill Gadot also wore Tiffany diamonds

Also on the diamond train were Goldie Hawn,

Kendall Jenner (at an after party)

and two of the Miss Golden Globes - daughter of Mr. Sylvester Stallone, the youngest of which also wore diamonds in her hair.

The brave Sienna Miller bucked the diamond tradition (well, almost!) wearing pearls around her neck, wrist and on her fingers.   She still wore diamonds on her ears though, and they were by Tiffany.

Also on the non-diamond track was Monica Bellucci in her Cartier pendant

On the earring front....   Amy Adams chose Cartier diamonds for he ears, wrists and fingers

Claire Foy chose shorter teardrop earrings - 19th century diamond earrings supplied by Fred Leighton

Emily Ratajkowski went for starburst diamonds long drop earrings

Felicity Huffman chose Martin Katz diamonds in yellow gold for her ears and a daimond cuff bracelet for her wrist.

Issa Rae wore diamond earrings by Payal Shah

Kristen Bell wore 115 carats of Harry Winston diamonds in her 1963 3 row hoop earrings, bracelets and stacked rings

Lily Collins wore vintage Harry Winston

 Naomie Harris wore Tiffany diamonds that both climbed up her ears and dropped down.

Natalie Portman wore Tiffany diamonds - long chandelier earrings and her lovely bracelet was from Tiffany c.1910.

Sarah Jessica Parker wore Fred Leighton diamonds

Gina Rodriguez wore Chopard diamonds

Hopping off the totally diamond track were Carrie Underwood in pearl and diamond earrings by Yoko London

Chrissy Tiegen in Lorraine Schwartz

Felicity Jones in Chanel

Gwendoline Christie in big gold coloured drops

Jessica Biel in Neil Lane gold drop earrings

Mandy Moore in Neil Lane

Octavia Spencer in Lorraine Schwartz

Olivia Culpo also in Lorraine Schwartz

who also supplied Heidi Klum's unusual earrings - one ear donning 2 earrings one black and one white, and

Sophie Vergara's earrings - possibly champagne diamonds.

Sarah Paulson wore Neil Lane

And Zoe Saldana wore Bulgari

The award for the lady with the most rings goes to Tracee Ellis Ross for her 12 rings by Noudar,Payal Shah and Hueb.

And finally, two ladies wore noticeable cuffs as their main jewellery piece - Julia Louis-Dreyfus wore 50.34 carats of diamonds in her Chopard cuff

And Blake Lively wore a whopping $7 million worth of Lorraine Schwartz in these emerald and diamond cuffs.... wow!

So what was your favourite look of the night?

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Academy Awards 2016 - diamonds rule down the red carpet

The Oscar's are always a glittering affair - this year they were particularly so with a heavy dose of diamonds on ears, wrists, fingers and even occasionally necks.   There were a few little splashes of colour, mostly green, blue or pink/red,  but the star's stylists definitely showed their preference for the colourless gem.   Earrings were often large, following this year's trends and while there were many bare necks, necklaces did make the odd appearance - more noticeably so at the pre and after parties than down the red carpet itself.

Necklaces of note down the red carpet included Naomi Watts in Bulgari - she can often be relied upon for a necklace and this year's stunning necklace was quite fabulous.    Charlize Theron (top photo) has also been known to don a spectacular necklace regularly and this year wore Harry Winston diamonds to a value of $3.7million with the long sautoir matching her plunging neckline.  

Olivia Wilde wore a diamond collar by Neil Lane that suited her swept up hair and gave a Victorian air ... if you discount the contemporary gown. 

Jennifer Lawrence didn't wow with her jewellery but she did wear a fine chain of diamonds by Chopard, its just unfortunate that they could hardly be seen - a good case for choosing colour or even black to go with her dress.  

Sophie Turner (above) wore Tiffany diamonds around her neck and tsavorite garnet and diamonds on her ears and Tina Fey (below) bucked the diamond trend by selecting a blue sapphire and diamond necklace by Bulgari.  

I loved Saorise Ronan's (above) choice of green jadeite, emerald, diamonds and pearl earrings by Chopard.   They were the same length, but a different combination that caught attention and highlighted her shimmering green dress.  I applaud her jewellery adventures this awards season and hope to see her down the red carpet next year too!

Priyanka Chopra must have worn the most expensive jewellery on the night - Lorraine Schwartz diamonds valued at $7 million!    They were certainly big stones.

Sophie Vergara often chooses bold jewellery and this year went with Lorraine Schwartz blue sapphire and diamond vine earrings.

 Jennifer Garner went for a classic look in emerald and diamond earrings by Neil Lane.

Jessica Biel also went for emeralds and diamonds, hers are by Piaget.

Heidi Klum wore Lorraine Schwartz white and pink diamonds.

Brie Larson chose Niwaka pearl and diamond earrings and wore more diamonds in her hair.  There was no note if the belt was gems and pearls...

Jennifer Jason Leigh wore Piaget earrings that included 200 diamonds, 22 freshwater cultured pearls and 374 pink sapphires.

Alicia Vikander wore Louis Vuitton diamond earrings.

 Cate Blanchett wore Tiffany diamonds.

Julianne Moore went for Chopard diamonds for earrings a cuff bracelet.

Kate Winslet chose Nirav Modi diamonds for her earrings and bracelet.

Kerry Washington rocked the vintage look with 60s hair and earrings (diamonds by Harry Winston 1963) and the top of her dress at least was a bit Barbarella-ish!

Lady Gaga went for serious sized diamond earrings by Lorraine Schwartz.

Emily Blunt wore Niwaka diamond earrings

Red carpet interviewer Guiliana Rancic wore massive diamond earrings by Forevermark - perhaps a bit too large.

 Maria Menounos also went with Lorraine Schwartz diamonds.

Reese Witherspoon wore Tiffany diamonds.

Daisy Ridley wore Chanel diamonds.

 Margot Robbie wore Forevermark diamond hoop earrings.

Quite a few necklaces by Pasquale Bruni were seen at Oscar related parties.  Two pairs of earrings that were pretty spectacular at one of these events were Anne Hathaway's diamond and yellow gold earrings by Irene Neuwirth and Minni Driver's diamond earrings in white and rose gold by Forevermark.

Mary J Bilge

Olivia Culpo


Anne Hathaway

Minnie Driver

So what were your favourites?


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