Thursday, 29 January 2009

Earrings galore for the SAG awards

Last weekend saw yet another glittering affair with the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards. This event, at least for those of us peering at the jewellery, was a night of earrings. Small earrings, long earring, and even some HUGE earrings.

Very few necklaces made an appearance - instead, imitating them were bejewelled necklines instead. Although I must say that most of the ones I saw didn't come up to the sparkle and glamour that a statement necklace could have made. Ah well. It is the awards season, so I will keep my eyes peeled for the next event and may be rewarded ....

The children have finally gone back to school after their summer holiday and it is amazing how quiet the house can actually be! I can hear the birds trilling again - well I hear them in the mornings when its not too hot. I think they go and find a cool place to hang out during the heat as all I can hear then are cicadas! That loud buzzing sound really reminds me of my childhood summers.

The heat also makes me tired and that means I keep putting off getting back into the swing of work. Does it have that effect on you? Elena of EP Designs is taking matters into her own hands and is throwing herself back into work. She has a talent for recreating old treasures into new - I love the brass planter pot that she has made into a very attractive trinket bowl.

I have made some progress on my website and have been uploading information on gemstones. I now have information - facts, lore and some pictures - on agate, amazonite, amber, amethyst, andalusite, anyolite (aka ruby zoisite), apatite, aquamarine, avenunturine, azurite, beryl, carnelian, chalcedony, charoite, chrysocolla, chrysoprase, citrine, coral, diamond, dumorterite, emerald, fluorite, garnet, hawk's eye/ tiger's eye, hematite, hemimorphite, howlite, hypersthene and iolite. Phew. And I've got a lot still to go!

The picture for today was selected since 1) they're earrings and the SAG awards attendees (or their stylists!) seem to love earrings so much 2) they're able to make a statement all by themselves and 3) they're green. And you know how much I love green! Yes, I know, it's almost an addiction ;)

Because they're a longer style, these earrings would look great with a lower neckline or an off the shoulder/strapless design, particularly in black, white, cream to taupe, or most shades of green. The pearls have an incredible lustre and definitely aren't small so wouldn't get lost - even if you have your hair down.

Ciao till next time!
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