Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Kyanite and getting distracted

I'm having trouble concentrating. It's sad but true. Fact. Not deniable. Not even defendable. I'm just getting way too distracted.

I decided I would start a list so accordingly made one (a rather a long list too) and looking at it over 24 hours later there are still quite a few things there. Normally that's okay. But I seem to have ticked off all the inconsequential things instead of the productive things that have deadlines!!

Perhaps I'm still in recovery from our weekend away? We went to visit my dad - "grandfather" to the children and it was great to see him and for the children to see him ... living 6+ hours drive away is not very handy, after all. But all that travel really takes it out of you and I get a little unsettled away from home too.

So, that's my excuse. For now. One of the things I did do today was catch up on my blog reading (see, not exactly a NECESSARY task LOL) and found that fellow blogger & jewellery designer Hilary has had the same problem. Makes me feel MUCH better :)

Today's pic is of some simple, but nevertheless stunning kyanite and sterling silver earrings. I love the silvery blue flash of kyanite and given that it is a stone used for balancing, cutting through ignorance & confusion, increasing logical thought and many other metaphysical benefits - it's no wonder I like it!

Often a fibrous looking stone and therefore exhibiting a streaky appearance, it is challenging for a gem cutter to cut due to variable hardness and cleavage. It's hardness also varies depending on if it is tested along or across the crystal axes, so I would avoid having it in a ring or bracelet where it could take an unitentional knock. An aluminium silicate, its name comes from the Greek word for blue 'kyanos'.

In ancient times it was believed that a kyanite suspended from a human hair could follow the Earth's magnetic force like a compass needle. Cool!

Till next, when hopefully I have achieved a little more than today!!
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