Monday, 9 June 2008

A foray into making rings

It's been a week of achievements and some moments I could have well done without! Well those bad moments were when I was suffering from a bad case of the flu - but I am almost better now and rather embarrassed at my lack of inner strength in the face of feeling unwell. And to think I tell my children to be 'brave'!

My son also dropped my camera *eeek*. I loved that camera and it took such lovely shots (after taking me two years to work out how). But I bought a new camera and since it is the same brand it's not so different to use *big sigh of relief*.

Feeling well again has also brought a buoyancy to my outlook, helped along by some great fellow bloggers at the Mom Bloggers Club. What a great group of upbeat, fun women! So you can add them to my list of networking sites from my last post!

Overall I feel very lucky to have fallen in with a such a variety of women in my endeavours to network effectively. I can learn something new, be inspired or just laugh along with them. I was reading the very inspirational Pink Heels blog today and came across this wonderful picture

now take a good close look... doesn't it just makes you giggle? I wonder what men think of it? It MUST have been designed by a woman :D

As far as achievement goes - well I finally made the foray into making some simple little rings. Clients have been asking me for well over a year to make some rings but I haven't had the time to practice and despaired of ever being good enough to confidently sell them. I did briefly entertain the thought of making traditionally styled rings but I eventually decided on a more 'fun' type of ring - something casual yet refined, sturdy but not heavy and a bit different to the average type you find. The one's I have made so far are all made with Argentinium sterling silver and pearls/gemstones. I have shown them to a couple of clients this week with great feedback, so will have to spend some more time making some in a variety of sizes. Do you like the couple you can see here (below and at the top of the page)?

Show Reminder: Charity event at Dunedoo - chicken and champagne lunch in support of the World Youth Day - St. Michaels School Hall, Dunedoo, this Sunday 15th June. I'll be there with my jewels, along with local exhibitors of shoes and clothing.

Till next - have a great day!


Pink Heels said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE all of your jewelry. I peek at your blog just to see what is new and to inform my family of what I like in the event that they want to buy me something! : )

Michelle said...

Your jewelry is beautiful!!! you are so talented! :)and the pictures of the women on the mens restroom walls is hillarious!!!

Tracy said...

I like the rings, Annette! I liked the picture too, mind you, but I wouldn't want to wear it...

Inspired Designs by Teresa said...

Hi Annette, Your jewellery and pictures are beautiful. I'm thinking of buying a new camera, what kind do you have? I just bought a ring mandrel a couple of weeks ago and your rings are very inspiring!

Rebecca said...

Love the rings Annette, they are beautiful!!
The big pearl is lovely, I bet it looks great on. :)

Bugger you had the flu last week, and about the camera. I think I would have to kill my boy if he dropped my new fancy spangled camera. hehe

ChezChani said...

Annette, definitely keep up the ring making. They are fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I too am a huge fan of your work. You have such talent and sense of style. "Simply Beautiful" is what I think of.

You seem to be involved in all of the right ways, from your creations to the places you show.



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