Wednesday, 18 June 2008


I was looking at some fellow artisan's work today (Cherished Dreams - who makes some exquisite children's quilts and wall hangings) and found myself drawn to one in particular that was bright, cheery and fun. The image on the hanging is quite serene, but the colours really grabbed me. I am sure she won't have the piece for very long at all!

I do one of two things when it comes to colours - either tonal (classic) or I go all out and mix it all up (the result can be heady or eclectic). Interestingly, when I DO mix it all up, I haven't successfully used a colour wheel - for some reason it always looks wrong! I find that I am drawn to mix certain colours up and 99% of the time my 'instinct' works and people love them. Sometimes these combinations are happy accidents, and sometimes they take a lot of work (experimenting) to get not just the colour combinations but the percentages of those colours in the finished piece right.

I do a number of pearl and gem torsades that are popular and have featured them often here on my blog, they can take an incredibly long time to get the colour proportions 'just right' - but they look effortless (until you try one!)

I've included a new cuff bracelet today - all freshwater pearls but in such striking colours - bound to go with anything you throw at it, don't you think!?
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