Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Trinny and Susannah

Its hot here in central NSW. Yes, following our coldest February in years, March has been the hottest in years. The result is that I'm feeling a little weary - repeated hot weather has this effect on me...I just wind doooowwwwwnnnn. LOL.

My current tiredness could also stem from falling ill late last week with a nasty cold bug that gave me the sorest throat I can ever remember having, and for the longest time! I didn't want to do anything remotely connected to swallowing, so eating was out of the question (although I did manage to eat a lot of frozen berries as they kind of felt nice sliding down my inflamed throat.) Anyway, all better now.

One good thing that comes out of these types of short term illnesses, we usually lose a couple of pounds, and I am no exception. I feel quite willowy at the moment! But given the amount I have eaten over the last couple of days, I might need some of those you beaut "magic knickers" that the brilliant duo, Trinny and Susannah have recently released. I love watching their show and used to be glued to the tv everytime "What Not To Wear" was on. Then they did some shows on giving couples a makeover, the rules of dressing, revamping uniforms, identifying the main body shapes of men and women and how to dress those shapes. All great viewing and some really great information too. I was reminded that the girls are currently in Australia by Anne at MyDayOff. It's one of those few times that I get frustrated living out here in the country instead of near a great big shopping centre where they might just be!!! Ah well.

Not much on the creation front the last few days, but I have received in some beautiful stones including lemon citrine (in abstract shapes!), some vibrant green hemimorphite, beautiful purple chariote, and some fancy new jade (serpentine) that has been carved into leaves ... I already have something in mind for the latter but it may need some refinement first!! Keep your eyes peeled for the new pieces to come!

A piece pictured for today - matte carnelian which is an unusual finish for this stone, and it gives it a muted cast - with 12ct gold fill. Simple and elegant. Do you like it?

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Anonymous said...

I love Trinny and Susannah, although not the way they grope the breasts of their 'victims'. They are very down to earth about style and there is always something to learn from them.


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