Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Nuturing creativity

I am off to Parkes, in central NSW, this weekend. My husband is competing in the National Aerobatics Competition, and we are all attending as his little support/fan group. I expect it to be hot given the recent weather and no doubt we will all get sunburned faces from gazing up into the sky for hours each day.

To get the official stuff out of the way - I won't be processing any orders until Tuesday 25th, so please be patient if you don't hear from me straight away.

On a fun note, I found this post on Creative Clown. This is a great little blog about art and nuturing your creativity and makes really interesting, even inspiring reading. I absoloutely loved her idea - drawing a picture just for the fun of it and then looking at the picture as an adult and talk to/nuture the child who drew it. What a brilliant way of unlocking the child within. You could take this to another dimension and make something crafty instead. I know my daughter's revel in their creative abilities and sometimes its "interesting" but other times there are real flashes of brilliance. But the best thing is that they enjoy the whole process - they rarely say "I don't know what to draw/make" as the inspiration is just spilling out of them. Don't we all wish we could replicate that as creative people?!

I think I may indulge my creativity - put some colours and shapes together that I may not necessarily first consider - and see what I come up with! Have a great day :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Annette, have just found your blog. your jewellery is beautiful.


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