Friday, 1 February 2008

Back to school bliss

Ahh, the children are back to school after the summer holidays *bliss*. This has meant that a few hours of each day have been free to get "organised" in my workshop. I still have a couple of days worth of tidying/moving around until I feel completely comfortable but am really looking forward to getting back into my normal routine.

The children have jumped back into their school routine surprisingly quickly - although its early days yet, so I think a week or so and they won't want to get up in the morning! They have also started back at dancing and in my travels around my favourite sites, I saw the most gorgeous little ballet boxes featured on My New Shiny Shoes. Mmmm, they would be right up a budding ballerina's alley!

The world's weather seems really out of control lately. I am hearing of absolutely ghastly weather in the USA and UK and here in eastern Australia we have had unseasonably cool weather for most of summer. We usually have extended periods of daytime temps in the 40s (celsius) / well over the 100 farenheit mark. This past week though we had some brilliantly clear and hot days and so instead of posting a pic of jewellery, today I thought I would post a pic from my front verandah. Do you like it? It is showing our typical brilliant blue summer sky for all of you on the other side of the world experiencing masses of rain, snow and wind.

Of course, this type of view is rather inspirational, although it could lead me to make MORE green jewellery (and you know how easy it is for me to be sidetracked down the green lane *giggle* )


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous view.

Anonymous said...

Wow - no wonder your jewellery is stunning with an inspiring view like that!


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