Sunday, 17 February 2008

Back at the Bench

I'm back at my bench this week and have so enjoyed the creation process once again. It was hard to sit back down after a rather lengthy break, but now that I've overcome that hurdl, I can't wait to get back there! Of course, too many family and social obligations are still to be met and so I can't seem to get back there fast enough for my liking!!

How did you fare on Valentine's day? Did you get a card or flowers, chocolates, jewellery as a gift? I often find the card offerings are a bit boring and in my search for cards, came across a brilliant history of cardmaking on Jenni's Papercraft Designs.

Do you like today's picture? It is a feminine necklace of rose quartz and rock crystal quartz which has been sandblasted to a matte finish with then a row of facets along the rim which sparkle beautifully. Although the stones are quite large, there is a balance of delicacy brought by the fine silver twists in between each stone. It is actually a long necklace which can be doubled as that is a way I love to wear mine, giving it an air of casual elegance.

Till next!
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