Thursday, 23 August 2012

What happens if you land on my bench...

The weeks are rolling by so fast and I sometimes  feel I’m swimming upstream – all my good intentions for this season haven’t  quite making it into reality!

Nevertheless there have been some bright points. 

On the family front, after almost a year of no piano teacher (since our last, fantastic and irreplaceable teacher left to move to the coast) we’ve secured the services of a highly regarded teacher from a nearby town who is willing to come and teach in our little town.  The children had their first lesson with her last night and everyone survived even to the point of being a little bit excited.

On the farm front, the very last heifer had her calf this morning – 6 days overdue, but hey, she got there in the end and all by herself! Yay!  No more checking heifers 4x day!  

And on the jewellery front, I’ve been creating a few things and definitely enjoying the process.  It’s so hard, of course, to work with such gorgeous stones and pearls day in and day out (as if!).

I have been hoarding some gorgeous pearls that I received quite a few months ago.   The dye master where I have been buying my pearls the last couple of years was willing to experiment with some brighter colours and I managed to obtain a few drop pairs and a couple of strands in magnificent colours – specifically fuschia and violet and a couple in softer tones of lilac and rose.  I pulled them out earlier this week - here is a pic of some of the pairs…

And hey presto now they’re earrings! 

I added gems to all the drops, as they are such lustrous pearls they deserved a little sparkle!   The lilac have some pale lavender-pink sapphires, the rose have pink topaz, the fuschia - bright pink sapphire and the violet (you can just see them around the edge) have amethyst.   (There is another pair of pearls that snuck in here to the left – a natural pink matched with pale pink sapphires).

So that’s what happens when  you’re on my bench.  You get sparkles added and go off into the world to make the world prettier for one special woman!

Have a good week - go out and sparkle! :)


Donna said...

Gorgeous colours!!

Donna said...

Gorgeous colours!

lisa | renovating italy said...

I do feel in serious need of some sparkle I must say! These are lovely, my daughter would love them, can't believe how close Christmas is and the year has flown by.
nice to see you at the blog and just wanted to say hi, life just gets away from me. ciao lisa x

Nelson Gemstones said...

How funny. The first thing I thought of when I saw your title and the picture of the pearls paired up was the movie "I, Robot," where the robots mysteriously gathered together in storage. I imagined these pearls slowly creeping toward one another until contact.

Beautiful pearls. Great blog. Found you through Facebook.


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