Thursday, 2 December 2010

Getting into the Christmas Spirit!

Well, it's here. December! No ignoring it now - I'm getting into the Christmas spirit! No, the tree isn't up, and no the letter to friends and cards haven't been written, nor is the shopping finished. But it's been hard to resist the Christmas music, tinsel and glitter, red dresses and imagining fun filled parties and gifts.

If you want to get into the spirit of the season too, do pop over to this picture post on Bush Belles - and have your sound up so you can look at the wonderful pictures along with perfect music. It's so uplifting - guaranteed to make you smile!

Working with the red Christmas theme, I spent quite a bit of time yesterday photographing - trying out different sets, angles and jewels for a December front page photo for my site. I'm really happy with the shot I eventually chose - what do you think?

And then I made a bright red necklace (top) - I've had so much interest in red bamboo coral the last few months that I keep selling out of them, so thought I'd better have one to hand - this one is bamboo coral and sterling silver.

My open day last Friday in Coolah was fantastic and there are going to be lots of little white boxes with violet ribbons under the trees around here this year!

Since the weekend though, all it has done has rained. Has it been raining where you are? We've had well over 7 inches so far and today the sun is struggling to put in appearance. The highway has been cut by floodwaters in numerous places although we can still make it into our local town (much to the children's disappointment since they've still had to go to school)!

We had temporary waterfalls as the water ran down the hill and over the top of the retaining wall near the pool - the ag drains just couldn't cope with the quantity of water that fell in a storm that lasted about an hour.

Our dam is so full it is overflowing and the road near the gate is a few inches under water with water streaming out our front gate. Our sandy drive has washed away and left rocks in its place and I'm positive the cattle are happy the farm is on high ground!

I was planning on attending the Mudgee Art Vine Christmas Art Fair this Saturday - hopefully the flooding will subside so I can actually make it in there!

Till next :)


Veronica Lee said...

The photography is seriously awesome. Love the contrast of white, black and red. Brilliant!

It's been raining almost daily here too, December being the monsoon season and to think we'll be heading for the beach. Bummer!

Name: Holly Bowne said...

I think if you weren’t already so talented at MAKING jewellery you could make a living photographing it, Annette!

Here in the Midwest U.S.A. we’ve had minimal rain and a mere dusting of snow. But NO SUN. I’m positively wilting! I hope you have sunnier days soon.

Farmers Wifey said...

Two words...classy and glamour...Our dams are full too as is the pool and the water tanks..lots of rain here..

If you have a moment would you mind voting for me here on page 1 under Farmers Wifey xxxxxx

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

The photograph you chose is BEAUTIFUL!!

We have gotten way to much snow her in the past week. :( I am missing the sun, too.

Cate said...

What a classy photograph! Love the way it is both Xmasy and slightly non-traditional Xmas colors. Really got my attention!

It it really cold here in Washington, DC. My cats are quite annoyed and are on the look out for warm laps and quilts...

ChezChani said...

No rain here. Las Vegas does not ever get enough, and Lake Mead, where we get our water, has been seriously low for a long time. In fact, when we get a good rain, it's never enough to make a difference. Apparently, the only thing it does, is get people to use their watering systems less. And that does make a difference.
I always have the water shortage on my mind. There is a lady at the gym that has to take showers that last more than a half hour. How can anyone do that here????????

Anyway, I'm rambling. Have a wonderful holiday and love the shot and the necklace. Never even heard of bamboo coral.

Christine Holroyd said...

I haven't heard of bamboo coral either. It is exquisite and fabulous photography.

We've had balmy weather and wet here in Victoria and the yabbies love it! Pushing up dirt everywhere in our garden.

I notice you are friends with 'Source Of Beauty' on FB and I was just thinking of you this morning then saw your name tonight. It's been awhile. Have a wonderful, prosperous, festive season Annette.

'Raine said...

Just got round to reading this one. That lovely red coral and silver necklace now resides with me.
I just couldn't resist it and wearing it has given me great joy.


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