Friday, 27 November 2009

Busy as expected a month before Christmas

It's been another busy week - as expected for this time of the year! I watched my children appear in their school play, had my show in Tamworth in 45+ degree (C) heat, did a morning's baking, celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary, loaded lots of new stock onto the website, almost caught up on my outstanding 'to do' list (we won't talk about the current to do list!!) and have even found some time to entertain a guest visiting from the USA and, amazingly, to make some jewellery! Gosh, I sound like a powerhouse LOL.

But, we all know that I'm just another mother - getting stressed, worrying over my children's schooling and activities, ignoring the fact that Christmas is just around the corner and going gray during the whole process (darn dye never lasts long enough!!)

That's the good thing about being creative, you switch off from the mundane and lose yourself in the creativity! Of course, the school bus eventually brings the children home, or the phone rings, or the computer beeps and tells me there is another message .... and life is suddenly back to normal.

Nevertheless, I keep hiding out in the studio and eventually something gets done. The pretty blue earrings photographed above are from a recent creative burst. Very chic, they are made with royal blue lapis lazuli topped with a small blue sapphire. I'd wear them, would you!?

Next week is my annual show in Coolah so I'm trying to find the time to make just a few more things before hand. Glutton for punishment, eh!?

'Till next
Annette :)
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