Thursday, 19 November 2009

Finding things in common

I'm feeling like I'm back in the swing of things down here on the farm - i.e. I'm starting to get stressed at what I have to do before Christmas is upon me; my bench is piling up with "to do's"; and afternoons spent running the children around to after-school activities is slowly driving me to screaming point. All in all - back to normal LOL.

We're in the midst of some REALLY hot weather this week - it was easily in the low 40's (celsius) today and so very dry. We did have a splatter of rain in a storm but not enough to cool things off. Considering we're still in spring, this could pose a certain worry for the summer that is still to come!

I've managed to catch up on a little bit of blog reading and one thing that I love about reading blogs is the things you find you have in common with people - even if they seem so far removed from you. Whether that be in location or occupation or social status! It's great to find out that a fashion editor in London saves up her special buys and gifts 'for best' (even if 'best' rarely if ever arrives!). And the novelist in rural England who is an AWOL blogger and resident of a very dusty house because life keeps getting in her way. And even the European chef who couldn't decide WHAT to take (foodwise) to a party (nice to know even the professionals can't make up their mind!).

Do you follow a blogger who you've grown to see isn't that different from you after all?

Nancy from Tole4Thee noticed she had something in common with Victoria Beckham. Read her story here as it makes you realise we're really all just human beings sharing the planet!

I've started to make some jewels this past week as I have my first show since my holidays this weekend, at Tamworth. In aid of the Australian Brain Foundation, this annual Christmas fair is eagerly awaited and it is the first year I have been able to get in. I'm hoping for a day of meeting lots of new people and introducing them to the wonderful world of natural gemstones and pearls.

Perhaps someone will fall in love with this new bracelet of Hubei turquoise and sterling silver. It would look great winter or summer, don't you think!?
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