Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas wishes

Oh my ... I can't believe its been almost three weeks since I posted here! It is rather indicative of my life of late though!

Things have been go, go, go, with many commitments for the children - an end of year dance concert and rehearsals, the end of year presentation at school, my son finishing primary school and being enrolled at the local high school - and it culminates this week with a piano recital that somehow I am organising as well!

Naturally things have been busy on the jewellery front (many panicked husbands have been calling me!) with orders left, right and centre. My Coolah show went extremely well and thankfully while hot, it wasn't 45 degrees C plus like my last outing!

I have my final show for the year this Sunday in Tamworth at the monthly Peel Street Handmade Market. I'll be there with the talented Kasia Tatar, a lady who has a great future in jewellery in front of her (I carry a few of her lovely items on my site). As she doesn't have her own site, I will have to tell her all about Ethikl - a new Australian artisan marketplace that I read about on Your Cheeky Monkey.

It's hard to believe that Christmas is barely a week away now! I certainly haven't had time to do any great treks to town for Christmas shopping, so thank goodness for online shopping ... providing they all arrive in time of course! If you're located Stateside and you're still looking for little somethings to add to your gifts, do check out the Vintage Soap Shoppe on Etsy. Angela makes the most delicious looking old-world soaps that I'm sure anyone would appreciate.

Of course, for Christmas around here I think we'd all love about 6 inches of rain - that would make us all feel better and the cows would certainly appreciate the grass! We seem to have slipped straight back into drought, which is both worrying and depressing. Any rain we have had over the last couple of months has been immediately followed by a few days of hot winds and the ground just dries up instantly. Australia - the wide, brown land indeed!

Well, since I can't make it rain and nothing I do seems to entice it, I will just ignore it as much as I can and look at my pretty gems and pearls. The torsade photographed above has lashings of pink pearls, lavender pearls, rock crystal quartz, amethyst and apatite. Far better than looking at dry, brown paddocks!

As I probably won't post again before Christmas, I wish you all the very best of the festive season and hope that Santa brings a special gift, just for you! (Just like he has for this Aussie stockman!)

Annette :)


jean said...

Merry Christmas, Annette! But are you sure that stockman is an Aussie? Do you have moose there? And why is Santa dressed for winter weather? ;)

Annette Piper said...

Merry Christmas Jean! I THINK it's Aussie, I've always thought it was...aren't they Santa's reindeer in the background? And we still have Santa dressed the same, even in our hot, hot weather (silly, eh!?)

Veronica Lee said...

You've outdone yourself once again!!
The torsade is beautiful!!

Merry Christmas, Annette!!

ChezChani said...

I really know nothing about Australia. Since it's so dry, do you have the water shortage that we have here in Las Vegas? I'm always aware of my water usage and get very frustrated at people who take no care to protect this very limited resource.

Have a healthy and happy holiday and see you online next year (2010...can you believe it??)

Unknown said...

Just love your jewelery!

MJ said...

Oooh pretty colours there Annette!
Have a lovely Christmas :)

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

Merry Christmas to you too Annette, I am with you in praying for some rain!

Mandee said...

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas! The necklace in the pic is lovely as always! :)


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