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Academy Awards 2013 - the jewellery down the red carpet

The ageless Sally Field greets Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet

Well the 2013 US awards season ended with the Oscars earlier this week.   Jewels played their part in the outfits of the night – once again earrings were the big thing with every shape, size and style were to be seen from studs, small drops, long and linear, chunky chandeliers and more.   

Earrings were the most common jewel, in keeping with the tradition of wearing them with a strapless gowns - of which there was an extraordinary amount.   Cuff and multiple bracelets were often worn as well and some big, chunky cocktail style rings.     

There were also more necklaces in evidence than in recent awards events and there has been much said about two of the award winners of evening, Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence for wearing their necklaces to the back, so that the front looked like  a choker.  Anne wore a short Tiffany diamond necklace rearwards and Jennifer a long Chopard diamond chain with the length at the back.   Not a true back necklaces (which are designed to hang down the back and don’t require monitoring by the wearers to keep them that way) nevertheless this was a clever twist by the stylist(s) and certainly drew attention to the stars!

A couple of stars decided to wear their jewels in their hair,  such as Sandra Bullock wearing a brooch (below) and Salma Hayak wearing a necklace attached to her "up-do".


The most disappointing aspect of the jewels that it was diamonds, diamonds, diamonds!   There was a little colour, mostly in the form of coloured diamonds but it was nice to see the odd step into colour by the likes of Jenna Dewan Tatum and Jennifer Hudson with their big opal earrings or Fan Bing Bing with red earrings.

Here’s a selection of jewels from the night.

Necklaces :

Anne Hathaway and her Tiffany & Co necklace worn backwards.   

 Personally I think it clashes with the gown’s back straps!

Jennifer Lawrence in Chopard (see the back of her necklace in the top photo)

Helen Hunt attracted attention for wearing a High Street gown, off the rack, and tempering it with $700,000 worth of Martin Katz jewels!

Kate Capshaw wore this interesting diamond neckpiece by Harry Winston.

Jennifer Garner chose a blackened platinum necklace, earrings and bracelets with a total of 200 carats of diamonds by Neil Lane.


Jessica Chastain wore Harry Winston vintage diamonds c.1967 with this cuff bracelet and earrings.

Amy Adams chose a suite of diamond jewellery from Mouawad.

Charlize Theron went minimal in the clothing department but dressed it up with bracelets on both wrists by Harry Winston.

Jennifer Aniston made a rare appearance at the Oscars wearing 2 bracelets, chandelier earrings and a large ring by Fred Leighton

Maria Menounos wore Martin Katz diamonds in a cuff, collar and studs


Kelly Rowland wore Lorraine Schwartz black jade, platinum and diamond earrings.

Stacy Keibler also wore Lorraine Schwartz with champagne diamonds and titanium earrings.

Opal and diamond earrings by Irene Neuwirth were worn by Jenna Dewan Tatum and Jennifer 


Hudson wore the same combination by Sutra.

Zoe Saldana wore Neil Lane diamonds and pearls.

Dame Shirley Bassey wore a linear line of diamond hearts.

Octavia Spencer chose diamond and rose gold mesh earrings by Lorraine Schwartz.

Fan Bing Bing wore Chopard earrings made from rubelite, diamond, emeralds and rubies.

Jane Fonda selected Chopard yellow gold and diamond earrings to go with her bright yellow dress.

Halle Berry wore Adeler onyx and diamond earrings.

Lara Spencer wore yellow, green and brown diamond earrings by Sethi Couture.

And last but not least, Catherine Zeta Jones also went with earth toned diamond earrings by Lorraine Schwartz. But boy, they look heavy!

So, did you have any favourites from the night?  Are you thinking of turning your necklace back to front for your next dressy night out?

Till next :)

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Carla Coulson said...

Hi Annette, I agree a little boring with all the diamonds not saying they are not exquisite pieces but missed the colour! I do love the opal earrings Jennifer Hudson wore gorgeous...Hope all is great with you Carla xifyijec 818


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