Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A Holiday - Good Intentions and A Refreshed Outlook

I am currently stitting in a totally idyllic spot about 10metres from lightly rolling waves crashing onto a thin crescent of golden sand. The sun has been up for about an hour and is already very bright, glinting off the waves and creating a wonderful picture. Of course, I didn’t think to bring my camera right now so you’re going to have to imagine it!

I’m in the midst of a family holiday in Woodgate, Queensland. It is a pretty little town perched between the sea and the national park and a popular destination for locals to come to fishing or to the beach for short breaks. It is outside school holidays in Queensland at the moment and the air is crisp in the morning with autumn, the occasional local is walking or biking along the picturesque Esplanade getting their morning paper, walking their dog or just enjoying the air, to the sound of rolling waves on the adjacent beach. The odd soul I’m sure is heading off for work too (although work doesn’t seem to feature prominently in this sunny corner of Queensland :) )

I had wonderful intentions this holiday of sorting the hundreds of photos from our trip to Italy, of spending my time productively pre-writing blog posts, of going for runs along the beach and taking photos of the abundant wildlife here, the scenery and the children.

Instead, I’ve melted into a totally relaxed state. I’ve not had the presence of mind to be productive at all – so I’ve read a novel a day, I’ve played board games with the children, I’ve gone for lots of long walks (usually with ice cream as the promised destination) and caught up with family that we rarely see.

I do get up before everyone else – but I just enjoy the solitude and the peace (like this morning when I’ve run away (albeit with my laptop in tow) to sit here on the beach and write!).

We managed a full day shopping in nearby Bundaberg yesterday ostensibly to top up on replacements for the house here which is rented out as a holiday rental the rest of the year and things inevitably break, stop working, need updating or just get worn.

Imagine my delight when in between the tasks of looking for a new picture for the twin room (the photo had fallen and broken) and trying to find new, bright and slightly beachy looking doona covers - for some reason incredibly difficult to do here, I found a clothes boutique. An attractive window display with clothes that I thought I may be able to pull off drew me in and then when I admitted I needed a bit of updating and could they help dress this slightly rubenesque figure I’ve developed in my 40’s, they took me under their care, showed me new possibilities, gave wonderful advice and the resulting outfits made me feel great and added a spring to my step that I didn’t realise had been faltering.

I rarely shop for more than necessities at home or things for the children and spending some time concentrating on me was extremely therapeutic. Walking away with those lovely carry bags after this encounter, made me understand more how my clients feel – the possibilities of something new or different can raise your outlook and increase your self esteem endlessly! And great customer service, which I always strive to give is so wonderful to receive!

Of course, I’m already planning on the jewellery to make to wear with these new clothes :). And may have to do a tiny bit of shoe shopping as well (oh the anguish that will cause…. lol).

With another week to go, perhaps I will finally get to my good intentions list, but for the moment, I’m just going to kick back, read another book, play another board game and cook for the family and spring my new wardrobe onto my slightly unsuspecting hubby!

Till next – promise a photo next time!


ChezChani said...

I'm jealous. Rest, beach, vacation, shopping. Almost enough to hate you ;-)

BushBelles said...

Sounds heavenly! I can never motivate myself enough on holidays to achieve all I want. Enjoy and relax :) Bushbelles xo

DanniLake said...

OMG, that sounds amazing, Annette!! How wonderful to receive such great customer service. It makes spending our hard earned money so much more worthwhile when we feel that our needs have been met by the people who are serving us. Enjoy your time away, and if your blog posts and photos need to wait, then wait they must. Feed your soul!! You're worth it :) Danni xox

Elaine @ Commotion said...

Annette, I've nominated you for a blog award. Please come by to check it out!!

Cate said...

We often forget that rest is part of creation, no? The germination and rejuvenation. Your holiday sounds wonderful and I look forward to seeing more of your jewelry. And I love my earrings!

Veronica Lee said...

Oh, how I envy you!!! You deserved it, Annette!!


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