Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Muse, To Do Lists and New Creations

Have you ever had a couple of weeks that leaves your head spinning? You can’t think straight, keep jumping from thing to thing and not really feeling as if you’re getting anywhere (even if you are)? No time to stop, take stock and dare I say, smell the roses? If you have that makes me feel MUCH better, as I’m there at the moment!

I can identify one reason – the muse came to visit. Now when she comes along, everything just has to stop, the creativity flows and all is right with the world. Well, in my little sphere of my studio all is right!

Unfortunately, the rest of the world keeps marching at its own pace. The family still needs to be fed, the house kept at a respectably clean level, and the laundry done. The husband still needs a lunchbox packed and jobs done while he’s busy farming. The phone still rings, orders still come in and have to go out. The school term still rolls on, homework has to be supervised, piano lessons attended, and even a little trip to the hospital to pick up son who had been hit in the face with a cricket ball at a school match was thrown in the mix.

The consequence is that every time I surfaced from my studio the “to do” list just got longer as those “urgent & important” things kept taking precedence. So, when the muse departed earlier this week (although sad to see her go and hoping for her return soon) I’ve spent the time since desperately trying to catch up. Throw into the mix my new duty as the school’s P&C secretary and I’m feeling so far behind in some things (like the mountainous pile of ironing … which I’m at least glad to say, my children are now too big to be crushed under should it fall!) that I’m doubting if I shall catch up – at least in the short term.

Please tell me you’ve had times like these and got through them!?

On the positive side I’m absolutely thrilled with the new pieces I’ve made. There’s a gorgeous lapis lazuli and freshwater cultured pearl bracelet (photo above), a natural pink freshwater pearl necklace, a necklace and bracelet in red, white and black, a scintillating necklace of smoky quartz, petro tourmaline, citrine and vermeil, a torsade of pearls and gems in green, silver and berry colours, a necklace of greens in pearls and aventurine, a soft neutral toned pearl and amethyst necklace, a silvery peacock pearl necklace scattered with amethyst, aquamarine and iolite, plus some earrings to match some of these too. There is also a very special pink amethyst and pink topaz necklace that’s almost finished and is sure to gain many admirers!

I need to get all this lovely stock ready for my next show, which is at Mendooran this coming Saturday … oh dear, I’ve just remembered that means even more things to do before then *sigh* . I guess I’d better get started!

Hope you're achieving more than me!

Till next


coffeeaddict said...

I've been terribly sick for the past (almost) three months and as a result everything was horribly neglected. I am an extremely neat person and it drove me crazy that the apartment wasn't in order.
And it was so sad but I had absolutely no energy to do anything, the little house work I did so that things didn't fall apart left me exhausted. Haven't done any sewing in all this time and only about 10% of jewellery work. Frustrating indeed.
Wishing you a happy Sunday!

TiLT said...

When she leaves I always feel this drop, and once I claw my way out of whatever fell on me while I was crafty - I feel better. I think that is when she decides it's okay to drop by again :)

ChezChani said...

I never achieve much. I don't have a family to worry about but once I get past the things I must do (work, exercise, sleep) I have a tendancy to dawdle. Why that's exactly what I'm doing right now even though I need to start taking pics and listing and maybe a little cleaning and laundry and..I need to check my list. Can't remenber.
BTW, love the colours in that bracelet, splendid work as always :-)

Name: Holly Bowne said...

Yes, I've definitely been there, Annette! And just remember, the "pile" (as I like to call it) will always be there. But you do have to honor your muse when she arrives!


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