Saturday, 29 January 2011

Hot Weather, Sydney, Shops, Peaches and an Award.

It has been so hot the last few days - everytime I moved an eyebrow I broke out in a sweat. (I could say perspiration, but, no.... it was sweat). I'm really not made for the hot weather but this last week has been a scorcher.

We were in Sydney for a few days and I don't think I've ever felt that hot in the city before - usually there is a sea breeze, but not this week. The skies were constantly blue, the sun was hot and the humidity completely did me in. I can take the heat if there is relief in the shade, but with humidity there's just no escaping it. When we got home to the farm on Thursday night, the house was so hot it was like walking into a dry sauna. Apparently it had been 44C that day and with the house locked up it was STILL 44C.

Sydneysiders seemed to be enjoying the hot weather on Australia Day and the city - in particular Circular Quay and Hyde Park - was packed with people enjoying the entertainment. After our satisfying walk around the city in December, we decided to do it again. Here's a pic of Centrepoint Tower, taken as we just got out of the train station at St. James.

Now that all the Xmas decorations were down and the need for pressies was less, I came to the conclusion that there were too many shops in the city selling 'women's stuff' (as my husband so eloquently put it) and the prices most were charging was astronomical. Obviously people in the city get paid better than farmers. I do envy Sydneysiders their access to choice - often in regard to furniture and so on but I can happily say that our country shops do a sterling job on the 'women's stuff' front.

Naturally, we can't always GET to these shops regularly. I need to travel over 100km to get to a clothes shop, but when I do, these boutique owners really have to buy well - they can't afford to purchase and then not sell it. Of course, I do still use online shopping - it's so easy, always open and I don't have to drive an hour or more to get there!

We are fortunate in our little town to have a nice 'stuff' shop though - I have watched the owner expand and refine her range and move into larger and larger premises as people appreciated her selections.

On the farming front, things are drying off with the successive hot days. I've even had to resort to watering the roses and some trees! Our peach and plum trees had some gorgeous fruit this summer. For the last couple of weeks, we've been going out every morning and picking a few pieces of fruit for the day. The blood plums have been huge and so juicy. The peaches have been the same - making one peach a nice handful.

I've been keeping an eye out for parrots, waiting for them to find the fruit trees - so that I can leave them on the tree for maximum ripening but save enough for us! It appears that they took advantage of our absence for a few days as I've returned home and hardly a peach was left. This one managed to be missed by both the parrots and the children.

I did manage to get back to my bench for a couple of days last week and now that the kids will be back to school this coming week, I am looking forward to creating again. After I've covered all the school books of course. Not looking forward to that one.

On a high note, the gorgeous Julia from BushBelles awarded me with the Stylish Blogger Award last week. As part of accepting this award I need to share 7 things about me that you probably won't know and then pass the award on to three other stylish bloggers ^^.

So, here goes:
1) I'm starting piano lessons next week. We have a gorgeous grand piano that we bought for the children and frankly I'm completely jealous that they can play and I can't.
2) I'm allergic to most cats - they make me sneeze. Of course, that doesn't stop the children owning outside cats - that I pat and feed and worry about.
3) Snakes completely freak me out. Totally. Even seeing them on the road makes me cringe. (Yes, I know, I make such a suitable farmer's wife).
4) My son, at age 12 has just pipped me in the height stakes. How am I supposed to be a disciplinary force when I have to look up at him?
5) I'm a voracious reader and love the classics. I started reading Austen at age 9 and Dickens at age 11. Hmmm, must give them to the girls to read.
6) I often break out in song, much to the disgust of my son and the amusement of my daughters.
7) I dreamed about my hubby about 2 years before I met him. Fate?

Now, to the new award recipients!
Millie from The Laurel Hedge. Her blog always has gorgeous photos - I love to hear about her renovations and enjoy her view on the world!
Melissah from Scrapbook who, even though she is only a new blogger, is inspiring new people every day.
Melanie from Whimsical Creations - this is one talented woman, have a look for yourself!

Well, look at that, they're all M's!

Till next :)
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