Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The beach holiday plus kangaroos

Hello all! Have you had a busy couple of weeks? I’m sure you have! I’ve been having a wonderful time kicking back at our beach house in Woodgate, Queensland and relaxing – reading books, running along the beach and exploring what the tide has brought in each morning and generally enjoying family life without the stresses of the every day. Above is a photo of the beach from the entry nearest to our house taken just after dawn. Don't you wish you were there too!?

I mentioned in my last post that I wondered if I would have an unexpected animal popping up in any of my photos – and I didn’t. But I did catch a pic of kangaroos on the beach. This was taken during my early morning beach walk – they don’t go down when the sun is high, preferring to sit around under the shade of trees on people’s front lawns! Apparently they go down to wash in the salt water to remove parasites from their fur. Clever animals.

Here is another one a bit closer this time...this one had just been down to the water and had hopped up to the dune between the beach and the street.

On the return journey I attended the Connect09 Seminar on the Gold Coast where I met so many wonderful women – I knew most online but it was so great to actually meet these people in person, such as the warm and funny Cheeky Monkey herself, Monique, the inspirational Cath from the Squiggle Mum blog (check out her winning the Top AusMumpreneur 2009 award!) and even some people I only know from the C2Ms Goodie Bag group. I saw that Melissa from Business Mums Blog was talking about how great goodie bags are and I have to agree!

I haven’t had much time to do blog surfing this week, but I did see a post by Karen at Winding Threads that talks of addictions – hers is fabric and we all know mine is gems! But we’re quite happy to have these certain addictions in our lives LOL.

No gemmie news this week - I'm sure there has been some but I haven't caught up yet! So, till next week,


Karen said...

Thank you for the nice link, Annette. I love seeing pictures of the kangaroo. Are they aggressive if you get too close? It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation.

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

The pictures of the kangaroos are so cool. Sounds like a fantastic vacation. =D

Julie from JulieChats said...

Oh Annette! I love your photos! It was so funny, as I was looking at your first one and thinking how much it resembles the Oregon coast...then to go on to see kangaroos on the beach, it just blows my mind! I can't wait to show these to my daughter. I'm trying to picture what a crowd would form on the beach in front of the hotel we stay at ever summer if a kangaroo ever showed up there!

Have a great time at the beach! I wish I was there!

Veronica Lee said...

I totally ♥ kangaroos, Annette!!

Have a great weekend

Theta Mom said...

Those pictures are amazing!

Unknown said...

That is SO COOL! I'm super jealous of you!

Mandee said...

Beautiful photos! I so wish I was sitting on a beach right now!

Jennifer said...

Oh, your beach view is breathtaking! I can only imagine the kind of rest and relaxation you're getting there! :-)

Anonymous said...

wow..how cool is that!!

great photos!

Wezz said...

One day I would love to visit your country!!

Wezz - http://cyberwezz.blogspot.com

Annette Piper said...

Karen, yes they can be dangerous - people forget they are WILD animals. They have very sharp claws and powerful hind legs/tail that can do a lot of damage.


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