Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Sparkle Week !

OK, this has made my day... did you know that this week (20-26 April 2009) is "Sparkle Week" in the Big Apple? Yep, this week there will be promotions and festivities at stores throughout New York City's five boroughs. Now, that's a celebration I'd enjoy!! I guess it's perfectly timed to aim at Mother's Day gifts -and why not - not many women would say no to a gift of jewellery.

I was recently reading on the Tall Poppy about the 'recession' and how our mindset could be making it worse. I have to agree - providing you've got a little bit of disposable income, then feel free to share it around by buying something you want!

For instance, in my wanderings around the web I found this superb home furnishings store Home Decorations. We have a breakfast bar and our stools are looking a little worse for wear these days. I could easily snavel up these leather and chrome barstools given the slightest provocation. I'm kind of glad the store isn't situated in Australia as otherwise I would be on there all the time formulating a hefty shopping list!

Not much jewellery has come forth with the school holidays, but it will - I can feel the creative "itch" starting! So I've included a picture of a piece currently onl layby - the sparkliest rock crystal quartz I have ever seen - very suitable for "sparkle week"!

I have managed to take some photos - but not of jewellery for a change! Instead I've been out in the garden and my neighbour's garden snapping away. She has a glorious and abundant garden (unlike mine!) so these are from her garden:

Then I tried some black and white pics in my yard - this is the view from our house (the black dots are cows, by the way!):

and this is our gorgeous moggy, 'Bumbleebee' :)

Love to hear what you think of my snaps!
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