Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Another view from my yard

I have a busy three weeks coming up with jewellery outings - the Coolah Rugby Club's ladies day this weekend, the Scone Grammar School Fete the day before Mother's Day and then perhaps the Tamworth Peel Street Markets mid-May. All of these events will be outdoors and with the grey days we've had over the last couple of days it makes me wonder if it will be too miserable/cold to go... but maybe not.

Using the power of positive thought, I'll imagine the sun will shine on those particular days and be absolutely gorgeous autumn days! And perhaps someone will take home the lovely long necklace I made last week of linked gemstones and sterling chain (pictured above)!

I found some great one liners for dealing with the ups and downs of life on the Modern Goddess Online blog. I love this one in particular
Accept that some days you’re the pigeon, and some days you’re the statue.
And isn't it the truth!

Something else that helps me deal with all life throws at me is art - perhaps from an escapist point of view. I love looking at talented artist's work and seeing what amazing paths their imagination has led them (and then me!). Mariam of Angelshair has some of the most adorable art pictures that are pure fantasy... or does she just see more than the rest of us? Do check out her store and her blog - they are well worth a visit and perhaps one of her artworks will speak to you! My favourite at the moment is Winter Magic - one of Mariam's sylph like fairies on the back of a polar bear!

A number of people couldn't believe the picture from last week, dotted with cows, was the view from my backyard - well, it was more my front yard actually, but yes, that is one of my views. Not bad eh!? Here is another, this one is more like my backyard - it is the tree with the children's cubbyhouse near the base:

Till next :)
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