Friday, 27 March 2009


I seemed to have missed St Patrick's Day. My bloggy friend Michelle published a great article on St Pats Day that was picked up by the Chicago Sun-Times. Way to go Michelle! And I need any occasion I can get to feature green - so here are a pretty little pair of earrings in my favourite colour.

It has been a sad week for me. My father, who after many illnesses and ailments over the last few years finally passed away at the age of 87. A man who was bigger than life in so many ways - he will be missed by an incredible number of people.

Ingrid Cliff of Heart Harmony chatted about her dad on her blog this week - about how he would like Harley Davidson to make a mobility scooter so that he can still get his bike fix when he gets too old to get around comfortably. I reckon my dad would have got along just fine with Ingrid's dad!

Even if your dad is going along just fine, time passes so quickly - especially in these days of our increasingly busy lives. So give your dad a hug next time you see him - 'cause you definitely can't give him too many!
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