Saturday, 2 August 2008


I experienced this beautiful sunrise yesterday morning. The colours that mother nature gives us...not just amazing gemstones, not just gorgeous plants and wildlife, but sunrises like these.

I had a great time on my recent visit to Quirindi. I met some lovely ladies who ventured out on a cold day to come and see what was on offer. I was glad to hear it was a very successful day for the town. I have also been invited to attend the Quirindi Show in September which I am hoping to do.

It has been a quiet week on the jewellery front as my son was home all week while the rest of his class was on excursion. This meant 'home schooling'. And I now have a HUGE appreciation of how difficult this must be for those mothers that choose to do this full time. Whilst I enjoyed him being home and got great satisfaction out of his progress in certain, basic areas that the school system seems to ignore, I got basically nothing else done!

So, no jewellery pics from me this week - the sunrise is more than beautiful enough to admire!

Till next :)
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