Thursday, 1 May 2008

Ironfest 2008 recap

Well I am back from Ironfest and almost recovered! It was a brilliant festival and once again I really enjoyed myself. I didn't get to experience much of the events eg. jousting, battle re-enactments, but of course I was able to see those wandering around in costume and managed a quick whizz around the blacksmith's area and the artisan's hall. Plus we were situated right opposite the indoor stage so experienced a good selection of music. I even weakened and bought a CD by one of the performers, Fintan, who sings and plays traditional (celtic styled) music. And I indulged a childhood fantasy and bought a wool cloak from the lovely Kathleen at a neighbouring booth, Faerietail. Not terribly practical... but it would be if I was game enough to wear it!

I caught up with many clients that I had met at Ironfest last year and quite a few went home with some more jewellery to add to their collections! One amazing client is an artist and I had recently been chatting with her via email about our recent olive harvest here on the farm. She was so inspired by the image of this, that she painted me a picture of how she imagined our olive harvest had looked. Appropriately, she had me up a tree with my head amongst the branches! She presented me with this gorgeous painting at Ironfest and I was speechless. My family was very impressed when I showed them on my return. I feel very special :)

I am constantly impressed with artists and those that can paint especially so. Jenni from Papercraft Designs has managed to use some of her original art on her handmade cards - wouldn't you be impressed to receive one of these?

I've included a picture of the booth at Ironfest one morning just before the gates opened. Pictured is Michelle, who weaves Swarovski & Czech crystals into the most gorgeous jewellery and who I was honoured to share the booth with. We did the booth together last year too and it's wonderful to catch up with each other once a year!

Well, back to trying to get back into my usual 'groove' now.... have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day, Annette.

I've done a couple of cards now, with some of my art. I am planning on adding others as I do more paintings.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it went well and good on you for making some purchases for yourself.


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