Saturday, 23 December 2017

Farm Life

Its been a busy year - both on the farm and with the jewellery business.  I'm looking forward to a little time off while the kids are on holidays - they are growing up so fast I need to spend time with them while they are still at home.

Whilst we always have  alot of work to do on the farm, we do have a bit of fun too!   This year we gained four poddy calves (calves that lost their mum or were ignored by their mum so they need multiple daily feeds initially to survive).   We have Leopold, Jack Black (he's black of course), Cocoa (he's brown/black) and the latest is Mick Dugald (another black angus).   They are friendly but usually keep a bit of a distance unless they are in their post feed 'coma'.   You can pat them, hug them... and imagine their secret desires lol.  So in their milk coma (evidenced by milk froth around their mouths!), we thought Leopold might want to grow up to be a reindeer... and I reckon he looks pretty grand trying out antlers!   We didn't want the others to be jealous so they all got a set :)  (Mick Dugald arrived after the fun and games so no picture of him.)

So Happy Holidays from me (and the calves) to you, wherever you may be!  

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