Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Lauren Bacall's Jewellery Upcoming Auction

The amazing Lauren Bacall was a favourite actress of mine for decades (that's a bit telling in the age department!), playing strong if not sassy female roles.   Starring in films for seventy years, Ms Bacall died last August and the silver screen is poorer for her passing.    

A collection of selected bronze sculptures, jewellery, decorative arts, tribal works of art, prints, and paintings is currently touring  - it has been to  Hong Kong and Paris and is currently in London, before heading to Los Angeles and finally New York - where it will be auctioned at the end of March.

I love that she wasn't afraid of colour and she favoured texture and layering in her jewellery pieces!  

Amethyst earrings by Jean Schlumberger - the gems are only attached on one side, so that they would flutter with slight movements.

Sapphire earrings and a jadeite ring by Darlene de Selde :

A gold rope bracelet which Ms Bacall wore regularly with another similar bracelet that was encrusted with diamonds.   The little camel was a favourite of hers, and Elizabeth Gage was commissioned to turn it into a brooch.

An enamel and gold bangle also by Jean Schlumberger.

This divine ring features a central stone of amethyst surrounded by diamonds and bounded by turquoise.

According to the Auction house, Bonhams, prices are expected to be reasonable... what would you fancy owning?

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Annette :)

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