Monday, 27 February 2012

The Jewels of the 84th Annual Academy Awards

The stunning Penelope Cruz looking very much the movie star.

And another night of the glitterati has been and gone! Sparkle, glimmer and glitter were definitely the order of the day – in sequins, satins and brocade dresses as well as in jewels.

There was a definite feeling of old Hollywood glamour in the air, perhaps inspired by the winning Best Picture The Artist and its silent film fashions. Although saying that, many styles seemed reminiscent of 30s to 50s.

Curvy silhouettes were definitely “in” and the quote by Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz from icon costume designer, Edith Head … something along the lines of 'dresses should be tight enough to show you’re a woman but loose enough to show you’re a lady' should have been taken on board by a few of the stars on the night that looked like they had been poured into their gowns and I think sitting in such a tight fit would have been a challenge!

To go with the popular strapless/off the shoulder and one shoulder gowns and often upswept hair, necklaces could have had a starring role, however most chose (as usual) to go with earrings.

Brooke Anderson

Stacy Keibler

Octavia Spencer

Milla Jovovich

Bingbing Li

Maria Menounos

Statement sparklers abounded – mostly drop or chandelier style earrings (see a few of them above), and there were a couple of necklaces to be seen, notably some diamond necklaces worn by Penelope Cruz in Chopard (at top)and Natalie Portman in Harry Winston.

Natalie Portman

There was some colour in jewelled earrings – green was definitely popular – emeralds, chrysoprase, jade and more – Berenice Bejo in Chopard emeralds, Shaun Robinson in Gemfields emeralds, Viola Davis in Lorraine Schwartz plus Virginia Masden and Kelly Osborne.

Berenice Bejo

Shaun Robinson

Viola Davis

Virginia Masden

Kelly Osborne

Some warm colours in yellow (Jessica Chastain wore yellow diamonds by Harry Winston) and browns (Ellie Kemper in Lorraine Schwartz).

Jessica Chastain

Ellie Kemper

Some in blues (Tina Fey in sapphires and emeralds by Bulgari and Busy Philipps in opal earrings by Irene Neuwirth)

Tina Fey

Busy Philipps

I spotted a pair of plain black onyx drops worn by Melissa Leo – following the trend from the BAFTAs and a few pearls – Bo Derek in large pearl and diamond drops and Rose Byrne in linear pearl drop earrings by Chanel.

Melissa Leo

Bo Derek

Rose Byrne

And a couple of pink-reds, these were the very pretty ones worn by Brooke Burns

Brooke Burns

One massive statement necklace was sported by Rachel Smith who was an interviewer on the red carpet and it looked spectacular!

Rachel Smith

I’ve been wondering WHY most jewels for the red carpet seem to be diamonds and I think I’ve worked it out. Stylists are so caught up in the gowns, they probably select jewels that will go with more than one of their shortlisted gowns. Diamonds of course, will go with any colour gown and must be the stone of choice in these cases. Perhaps those with coloured stone jewels had their gowns organised earlier and had time to select jewels?

So what is your favourite look of the event? I rather liked Penelope Cruz with her 50's Elizabeth Taylor gown and hair and Chopard diamonds!

Postscript - In my report on the SAG awards last month I wasn't 100% on Maya Rudolph's earrings being moonstone so checked with the designer, Kimberly McDonald who has just advised me they are geodes with brown diamonds.


Carla said...

Hi Annette another informative report thank-you so much, my favourite is Shaun Robinson's emerald earrings so so fabulous, the frocks are great but always wonderful to get your jewels report!!
Carla xx

Carla said...

Don't know if my last comment went through!! daydreaming..
Wonderfully informative as always Annette my favorite are the divine emeralds worn by Shaun Robinson just so beautiful...
Love the frocks but always great to stop by your blog to get the scoop on the rocks!!
Carla xxx

Unknown said...

I loved Gwyneth chic!

Millie said...

Rose Byrne scored 10/10 for me Annette, those earings were a perfect foil for that gorgeous sleek bob. I thought of you the other day when I read Natalie Portman's jeweller bragging about the engagement & wedding rings he'd designed for her. Naturally they were made from 'recycled platinum & non-conflict diamonds'. I rolled my eyes back in my head so far I had trouble retrieving them!!
Us Aussies have a word especially reserved for blokes like him & it starts with a 'W'!!
Millie xx


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