Monday, 16 January 2012

The Jewels of the 2012 Golden Globe Awards

Well the Awards season is in full swing in the US with firstly the Critics Choice Awards and then, earlier today (Aus time!) the Golden Globes.

There was a definite flavour of glamour – with mostly fitted dresses. The tops of the gowns were almost all fitted and the bottom half was either mermaid swishes, flowing skirts or sheaths that skimmed the body.

There was a smattering of different colours. Less black was seen but beige/nude was incredibly popular – many with sequins to add sparkle in the absence of colour and cut outs to show some additional flesh. Royal blue was a popular choice. There was also a noticeable smattering of various shades of red, purple and maroon.

Hair was predominately smooth and sleek – long and straight or 1930s with slight waves and a curl at the bottom and upswept ‘do’s. A few look tousled but the effect against all the sleek hair looked rather messy!

Jewellery. Well, once again it was the evening for earrings. But, a few brave souls wore necklaces – some played safe with white diamonds but Heidi Klum (above) went all out with a turquoise bib by Lorraine Schwartz and Freida Pinto (below) wore Chopard diamonds (but they look like they were cognac/canaries rather than white). Apparently the Chopard necklace was worth so much, that a bodyguard accompanied Freida for the night!

Thankfully, there was a break away from diamonds in platinum in the earring department with lots of colour to be seen. Some of the statement earrings matched outfits, some complimented but the effect, at least up close was dazzling!

Callie Thorne’s palest aqua gown was reflected in her earring choice which appear to be lovely linear drops of aquamarine.

Berenice Bejo wore royal blue and reportedly wore Chopard diamonds that appear to be a mix of white and yellow stones that were probably attached to a chain as the earrings had lots of movement.

Debra Messing wore black but brightened her dress up with large drop earrings that appear to be emeralds surrounding amethyst. She wore a matching emerald ring.

Glenn Close wore a dark navy blue and she brightened it up with stunning sapphire earrings.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum, the new wife of Channing Tatum, wore amazing boulder opal and diamond earrings from Irene Neuwirth with her teal dress.

Julianna Margulies wore what looked to be jade and diamond earrings in a lovely pale apple green that complimented her lavender gown.

Julianne Moore wore gorgeous emerald tassel earrings from Fred Leighton which looked so amazing I actually ignored her dress colour completely!

Laura Linney wore a periwinkle blue dress and star burst earrings that look like either amethyst or pale sapphire with diamonds.

Mila Kunis seemed rather quiet on the night, but her delicate drop earrings that I believe were from Cartier were quite lovely and something a little different.

Morena Baccarin wore Harry Winston emerald and diamond earrings and there was a report floating around that one fell out at one point!

Sarah Michelle Gellar was a brave soul wearing a tie-dyed dress (admittedly in a feminine style) that her two year old daughter chose. She matched the blues in the dress with Bulgari earrings of amethyst and possibly darker blue sapphire.

Sharon Osborne is known for her flamboyant earrings and for this event she wore large drop earrings that look like labradorite and diamonds.

Don't you think they made some lovely choices! What did you think of the jewels and gowns?


Shel said...

Thanks for posting the lovely pics - they all did pretty well, jewelry wise anyway! I would love to see more pearls,...on their wrists, in the ears and around their necks!!

Carla said...

Great post and insight into the jewels Annette!
My favourites are Heidi in the nude sheath with turquoise collar stood out from the crowd ( but when doesn't she)
Julianne Moore so stylish in the plumb and I adore how she din't play it safe and went for those luscious emeralds, she is always a winner.
Carla x

Le said...

I love that you can tell us what everyone wore .... its great :) best le xox

ChezChani said...

Thanks for always keeping us up to date! Can't really bring myself to watch those awards shows myself.

Annette Piper said...

An addendum ... the earrings Sarah Michelle Gellar wore were actually chalcedony with sapphire, not amethyst.

Foto Clipping said...

wow! lovely pictures with lovely girls with lovely Jewelery!! :D


Name: Holly Bowne said...

I didn't get to watch this, but after reviewing your summary here, I'm totally going with Freida Pinto's Chopard diamond necklace. Soooo pretty!


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