Friday, 12 June 2009

The trauma of being offline

Arrrggghhh. I've been offline for over a week with my satellite dish going 'fizzzzzzz....kaput'. Now, I know I've had trouble going on holidays (read that as "away from my computer" but I've had time to get used to the idea beforehand, and of course, lots of activities to keep me busy while away. But this was awful.

I could use the computer but couldn't CONNECT with anyone. It really made me realise how many acquaintances I've met online and while I may only briefly touch on these lives, how important they can be! So I'm feeling very out of touch and in a flurry to catch up.

Of course, it was great on the creative front once I stopped staring at the no connection icon ;) I made some great new pieces and the orders didn't stop just because I was offline, so some are already gone! I was doing a tally the other day and realised that almost every piece I've featured here on my blog has gone, usually pretty quickly!

Today's piece is from my 'week off'. A prime example of how simple can be totally stunning. Big overlapping discs of poppy jasper - chocolate with raspberry overtones. Yum!

In my short time of catching up I notice more and more people are turning to twitter. I know a bit about it but can't devote the time that I know it would take, as with my personality (the all or nothing type) it would become totally addicted! I did see a great how-to article on getting started with twitter at Tilda Virtual Services, for anyone who's ready to jump on though!

Catching up with my artisan friends I see that Teri of S&T Creations, who I feel like I have known online for years is tackling a big re-organisation of her studio. I can sympathise, although in chatting to a friend the other day I realise my left and right hemispheres really battle with one another - if I'm feeling creative then chaos HAS to reign in my studio. However if I need to do some bookwork for the farm, then everything has to be neat and tidy so that I can think logically and not get sidetracked. Consequently my studio is alternately neat or chaotic depending on what I'm doing LOL.

And I really want to mention the most wonderful fibre artisan - Sara of Woolies. This woman makes THE most adorable handmade and knitted toys. I'm totally in love with Raspberry, the knitted teddy. Don't you just want to take him home!

Till next :)
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