Friday, 12 December 2008

Countdown to Christmas

Can you believe Christmas is less than 2 weeks away!? I have (finally, after a dash or two to some favourite online stores) finished my Christmas shopping. (I do still have a couple of gifts to make, but they're achievable!) I've even bought wrapping paper... in fact I'm feeling pretty organised in the pressie department.

This organisation is actually rare for me, so if you find yourself still going "uh-oh" (and you're downunder!) then check out My New Shiny Shoes - a site that specialises in online shopping sites in Australia.

I received lots of wonderful commments about my 'shop' for a day as pictured last week. I also love seeing other people's displays and work and I found that the TiLT Creations blog has posted a great story on a recent handmade show they attended. I wish I would have been there to have a look (and probably buy) some of the wonderful things pictured there!

I have a busy weekend with my children's dancing concert. They're doing a production of Snow White. The twins are doves (classical ballet) in the opening act and my son is part of the diamond mine (hip-hop). The dancing teacher is a wonderful young lady who has much talent and vision and she is taking all her students on an amazing journey through dance. We have dress rehearsal tomorrow and official photos and then two performances on Sunday. I'll post some pics when I get them, although that may not be until next year.

Oh my, that statement has just made me realise that 2009 starts in less than 3 weeks! Eeek. Does that mean I have to think of some new year resolutions too...

Hmmm, might just ignore that for the moment and concentrate on today's picture LOL. I have a large photo that I take to shows that is of a purple bracelet - a lady at Tamworth was so taken with the picture that she requested a bracelet inspired by it and this is it. It's just so rich and lush - amethyst nuggets and big freshwater pearls in imperial purple and a peacock-blue, all on argentinium sterling silver.
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