Thursday, 3 April 2008

Ironfest 2008

A few weeks ago I featured a piece of matte black onyx leaves with little gemstones dotted through it, like little glimmering pieces of fruit nestled amongst the leaves...well, it sold and because I just love these matte black onyx 'leaves', here is another piece using them. This one is matched with small nugget shaped freshwater pearls in their natural pink/mauve colour. The pearls have a brilliant lustre which is emphasised by the flat black onyx and the pearls continue in a twin strand once they have left the onyx. It is very glamorous and very one of a kind. Do you like it?

I am starting to get ready for Ironfest at Lithgow which is on in three short weeks time. Going for three days, this festival celebrates all things metal with a heavy presence of blacksmithing arts, as well as being a medieval fair with quite a few people dressing up for the occasion. The Australasian Jousting Championships are held over this weekend, there are battle re-enactments and the odd cannon blast reminds you where you are! Lots of street performers and entertainment and a good range of artisans showing their work. As we did last year, I will be sharing a booth with a friend who makes predominately Swarovski crystal jewellery and beadweaving so we present a complementary front. Here is a pic of Michelle at our booth last year.

If you plan to be in the vicinity, please drop in and say hello! Ironfest is on 25-27 April 08 at the Lithgow Showground.

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Zura said...

Just wanted to leave you a note and let you know that I am one of your fellow Skwigglers. Love your blog design. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Good luck at Ironfest.


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