Saturday, 19 January 2008

A rainy day and a Valentine heart

*sigh* Its raining. Its been raining for a couple of days. Its not stormy, or even that gloomy, but its constant and its wet. Isn't it amazing how the weather can affect your mood? I feel as if I could curl up on the couch and watch a movie (but the children would jump on me!).

In my need to find something fun to brighten up my day, I found these at Beauty Banquet - these soaps look like food - I swear I could munch right into that coffee cake (but I'm sure I'd regret it!!).

Before the weather turned all dank on me though, the sun was shining and it was positively hot - more like our usual summer weather. The bright clear days and the thought of sunshine glinting off the sea, inspired me to make some simple valentine jewellery. I rarely use anything but naturally occurring gemstones (although some may be treated), but I thought these were so pretty and after all, what better way to get the message of love across than a heart and a sparkling, Swarovski one at that!

Swarovski crystal is the diamond of the manmade crystal world - and many of us would have a Swarovski trinket somewhere in the house. Now because they are so brilliant, they really don't require much extra adornment and are really shown off best all by themselves, so I simply made this gorgeous heart into a pendant with sterling silver and hung it on a sterling silver omega chain.

Wouldn't you like to receive one from your loved one?


Anonymous said...

No doubt you would regret munching into the soap cake! Beautiful heart Anne - we can all only hope to receive something like this from our respective loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Those soap cakes are gorgeous and they smell like the real thing too. I just don't know about the taste. I will leave it to you to find out about that! The coffee cake is great for removing odours from your hands eg, after chopping onions.

That is another lovely piece of jewellery, Annette. Keep tempting me!

Anonymous said...

That's a gorgeous necklace Annette - I love the simplicity of it.

I'd love to have some of Anne's soaps too. I think if I had them around I'd be thinking of food all the time! But I will buy some for one of my sisters.


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